Q1. When should I request guide service? A1. Three weeks before the date of the requested service.
Q2. How much do we have to pay for your service? A2. Our guiding services are principally free of charge. However, you are kindly requested to pay such expenses as listed below.
1) The transportation fee, 3000yen/ for the travel of the guide, to and from his/her home to the place where you will meet the guide.
2) Expenses for guiding such as the transportation charges, admission fees, also meals only when the guiding service involves lunch time.
Q3. Can you guide us in French/Mandarin/Spanish? A3. No, we currently only offer guidance in English.
Q4. We are a travel agency. Can I ask for your service for our customer? A4. We are goodwill guides, and so we cannot accept requests from travel agencies.
Q5. How many members are there in your organization? A5. There are about 60 members who are retirees, housewives and full-time employees.